The images presented here are not photos, neither are they produced with the assistance of a camera. Technical products or scientific and medical data often can neither be ideally depicted by means of photography or drawing nor presented aesthetically in a picture. It is often just as problematic to portray packages or even other products, which are difficult to photograph simply because of their size.

According to your specifications, I provide photorealistic, aesthetically-appearing pictures in any size, which show the important and informative details and, thus, increase the value of your presentation, your advertising brochure or your booth. These will, in turn, become truly interesting optically for your customers.

My work is based on drawings, sketches, digital photos or sometimes even just an idea. Since the original data is three-dimensional, every element can later be re-modified or any number of details added. That’s impossible with photography. That makes photo-realistic, 3D-graphic representations, to some extent, even considerably more valuable than photos. Moreover, time-consuming studio sets and lighting variables are dispensed with. All of this is created virtually on the computer.