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I think the most important thing to take a good picture is not the kind of your camera. It is only significant to be in the right moment at the right place. Your eye, your heart and your experience create a good image – or even not. Many years ago I have got my first camera as a birthday present from my parents. It was a black plastic box with two shutter speeds and two apertures. The purchase price was 15,- Marks. My first photograph I sold, shows a friend as he read a book. A large library in a large town bought my photo for 25,- Marks. I traveled 60 miles with my friend to this town to see my photo in the window of the library. We were 15 years old and we were very proud! Many years later as I was a photographer, I used a Linhof and a Sinar large format camera. I loved the quality and the size of the slides. The weight and size of these kind of camera forced me to work thoroughly and accurately. Today I like my Nikon D3X very much. Technically speaking it is the best camera I have ever had. But from time to time I remember me to my old black plastic box.

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You are welcome to send me pictures of your room in which you would like to hang my canvases or photo prints. I will then produce virtual images of your room layout in order to help you to visualise your chosen pictures and their sizes. You can relax and decide whether you like or dislike the photo print before your purchase. Please don't hesitate to email me.

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Sollten Sie sich für ein Bild in den Galerien interessieren, können Sie mir ein Foto Ihrer Raumsituation oder Ihres Zimmers schicken, in welchem Ihr Wunschfoto hängen soll. Ich sende Ihnen dann umgehend mehrere Fotomontagen, in welchen Sie Ihr ausgewähltes Motiv betrachten können. Anschließend können Sie entscheiden, ob Ihnen das Motiv sowie die Größe des Fotos gefällt. Ich freue mich über Ihren Anruf oder Ihre E-Mail.


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